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Q&A: With Incl.usiveinc – Activewear Brand in Milton Keynes

Q&A: With Incl.usiveinc – Activewear Brand in Milton Keynes

We are very excited to introduce you to, Incl.usiveinc, a new independent business in Milton Keynes that offers inclusive, durable, and affordable activewear.

They have just launched their business so we invited Incl.usiveinc owners, Laurence and Nneka, to answer some questions so we can all get to know their brand.

Q. How did Incl.usiveinc start and what sets your brand apart from the other activewear brands on the market?

A. Nneka and I (Laurence) first became aware of activewear when we began becoming more interested in fitness in our mid to late-30s. There was only a handful of companies in the marketplace and their products seemed expensive, dull and their models seemed rather unrepresentative of the people around us in the yoga studios and gyms we frequented.

After a couple of years of continuing disenchantment, which included the quality of the items Nneka had bought from the larger players in the marketplace, we decided to take the plunge and remedy these issues. We sat down, looked at those factors we felt could be improved and started from scratch.

Fitness is something many people are becoming aware of. Not just for cosmetic reasons, but for genuine health and longevity – particularly in the wake of the pandemic in which underlying health proved a significant factor.

Being from different ethnicities, Nneka and I wanted to produce something that included and represented all elements of the societal demographic: size, shape, ethnicity, and identity. We also wanted our models (one of whom is Nneka) to be representative of the UK demographic. We wanted to promote social cohesion and champion what we have in common – our shared traits – in a society that, to some degree, appears to be becoming more fragmented.

As a result of all these factors, Incl.usiveinc was born. Fresh, fun, (mainly) colourful (we do have some black and white sets), durable, affordable, and inclusive.

image of Incl.usiveinc activewear clothing designs being modelled in milton keynes
image of Incl.usiveinc activewear clothing being modelled in milton keynes

Q. How important is supporting the local community to you and your brand?

A. Very important. Such has been the warm welcome from all those in Wolverton and Milton Keynes more generally, we are looking to become more imbedded within the MK community.

Our goal is to become profitable as quickly as possible and then to donate a certain percentage of our profits each year to good causes in the local community. Initially, this may well be in the form of additional support for local food banks to help with the seemingly ever-increasing cost of living.

Q. Having lived locally for a couple of years, what is it about Wolverton and Milton Keynes that you love?

A. Milton Keynes (CMK) has a great shopping and commercial centre which is easily accessible and user-friendly. It also has some attractions it should be proud of like the Snozone, Stadium MK (which hosted some women’s World Cup matches) and it is cycle and pedestrian-friendly. It also has its idiosyncrasies like the roundabouts and the concrete cows which we have grown to love.

I’m from Brighton and Nneka is from London (and Lagos), so we are used to hustle and bustle. MK Centre has all of this. That said, we love to return to the enclave of Wolverton, Stony Stratford, and Greenleys, which is peaceful; near the Grand Union Canal, the River Ouse, and the surrounding countryside.

In the past, Milton Keynes used to have a certain stigma. Our experience, having lived here for the past two years, is that it has a real identity of which the inhabitants are – quite rightly – proud to be a part of. It is everyone else that is missing out!

Q. What can we expect from Incl.usiveinc in 2024?

A. Incl.usiveinc is looking to expand as quickly as we can, primarily and initially within Milton Keynes. We have our winter and spring ranges currently online – – and we will look to add to these with a summer range in April and May 2024. Everyone reading, please remember: summer bodies are made in winter!

We may also need some assistance with modelling the new ranges, so any budding models or local influencers who may want to help promote a local brand, please do not hesitate to get in touch at: as we are rolling out an advertising campaign in the new year.

We also want a physical presence – rather than being faceless, online, private equity-owned capitalists – and are looking to partner with local yoga, Pilates and fitness enthusiasts. For example, on Friday December 8th 2023 our launch party is being hosted by Bushido Studio which is located in The Square, Wolverton at 8pm.

Thank you to Laurence and Nneka from Incl.usiveinc for sharing their story.

It’s wonderful to hear a business speak about the importance of inclusivity and also have a local community ethos at the forefront of what they do. We look forward to seeing them grow in Milton Keynes and wish them all the best.

Please visit their website to view their product range:

You can also follow their journey on social media:

Instagram: @incl.usiveinc
TikTok: @incl.usiveinc