About Us

Incl.usiveinc is a lifestyle brand based in Milton Keynes, founded in 2023.

At the core of our mission is a commitment to fostering true inclusivity in a world that craves unity. Unlike many brands that merely talk about acceptance, we actively live and cater to these ideals. In a world seemingly divided, we champion cohesion and collaboration, celebrating the beauty found in our differences.

As a tight-knit community business, we proudly present a diverse range of high-quality, durable designs. Our meticulous market research, spanning fabric and stitching quality, design, and affordability, has led us to employ the finest production methods for our collections, steering away from mass-produced clothing.

Dedicated to embracing diversity and inclusivity, we carefully craft our designs to offer vibrant, fun, and colorful activewear that celebrates the unique beauty of all sizes, body shapes, and skin tones. Explore our curated selection, including leggings for women, squat-proof leggings, and classic black leggings, all designed with care to complement your individual style. Join us in promoting a world where differences are not just accepted but cherished.

Meet Our Models

At Incl.usiveinc we envision a space where everyone, regardless of background,
belief, creed or identity feel truly included in the celebration of an active lifestyle.

We invite you to join our journey in promoting an active, sustainable lifestyle.

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